Many credit to Teo Musso of Birra Baladin
for kickstarting the Italian craft beer revolution.
The Baladin brewery was initially started in 1996 as a brewpub in
Piozzo - a small village overlooking the Langhe region in Piedmont –
by master brewer Teo Musso, already the owner of the pub
by the same name, opened in 1986. In addition to serving them
on tap at the pub, Teo immediately decides to bottle his Belgian
inspired beers. The creation of the Baladin brewery coincides
with the birth of the Italian craft beer movement.


The creamy head, the intentionally cloudy, apricot color and the
scent of yeast and citrus, which blend into spicy harmonies of
coriander and peeled oranges, call you from the glass. Refreshing
to the palate, it has a light body and is very easy to drink. Isaac is
ideal as an aperitif, is perfect with fresh dishes and light vegetable
appetizers, and goes well with fish too.


ABV: 5%
Style: Witbier
Brewery: Baladin
Country: Italy
Bitterness units : IBU 10


5 cereals: barley, spelt, wheat, rye and buckwheat. 9 spices, of
which 5 peppers, in a renewed mix. Fizzy and refreshing, with a light,
slightly cloudy color. Its aromas are reminiscent of the countryside
and sun-soaked citrus orchards, and perfectly combine with the
notes of orange blossoms, pear and bergamot. Its elegance goes
well with shellfish and fish dishes, white meat and fresh cheese.


ABV: 5.8%
Style: Saison
Brewery: Baladin
Country: Italy
Bitterness units : IBU 9



Nora tells of ancient history, nomadic people and pyramids, spices
and KAMUT®, which means “the soul of the earth” in ancient
Egyptian. Its warm, orange-amber color is complemented by a tall
head which releases notes of Eastern aromas, ginger and citrus
fruit. Its scents and sweetly balanced taste are ideal to accompany
spicy ethnic dishes, cured meats and cheeses, artichokes and


ABV: 6.8%
Style: Ale
Brewery: Baladin

Country: Italy
Bitterness units : IBU 14


The first 100% Italian beer made with Italian ingredients.
Italian water, barley malt, hops, yeasts and two Italian spices
(bergamot and coriander) which combine to create harmony
and originality. A beer which suggests more or less daring
combinations, but more importantly marks a turning point in
the Italian production of craft beer. Nazionale, is excellent as
an aperitif and goes well with any dish.


ABV: 6.5%
Style: Italian Ale
Brewery: Baladin
Country: Italy
Bitterness units : IBU 29


Water, barley malt, mainly American hops, yeast and pepper for an
unmistakably Rock ‘n’ Roll character. A beer whose freshness and
the skillful use of pepper blend with the aromas and bitterness
of hops in a “musical” crescendo. A true drink’n roll experience
which will certainly attract a host of aficionados. To be drunk when
it takes your fancy: on its own to quench your thirst, or with cold
cuts or cheese.


ABV : 7.5%
Style: APA
Brewery: Baladin
Country: Italy
Bitterness units : IBU 43