Campo Viejo


Campo Viejo® is the flagship of Rioja wines. Ever since two local winemakers
– Beristain and Ortigüela – created the first vintage in 1959, Campo Viejo
® has
been synonymous with expressive wines, unique styles and innovation.

Campo Viejo® has a deep love and respect of the land and their winemaking heritage.
They are passionate about taking the best Rioja winemaking traditions and bringing them       
into the twenty- firrst century.  Committed to preserving the richness and beauty
of the land for generations to come. Their state-of-the-art, environmentally    
friendly winery and sustainable winemaking practices attest to that.



Colour: Ruby red colour with a golden rim. Bright and deep.

Aroma: Complex aromas. There is a great balance between the fruit (cherries, black plums,    
ripe black berries) and the clean nuances coming from the wood (clove, pepper, vanilla and coconut).
The nose is further enhanced by the aromas that develop during bottle ageing.

Palate: Smooth and balanced on the palate with a full, elegant feel and a long, lingering finish.

Food Paring: Ideal to accompany red meat, game, wild mushrooms, roasts, mature and blue cheeses.
This wine pairs well with mainly hot dishes that are not too spicy and will highlight its silkiness.

ALC: 12.4%




Colour: Deep cherry colour that suggests a young and vibrant wine.

Aroma: Nose is rich in aromas and pronounced in intensity. We are struck by the ripe
red fruit, later we get the wood nuances with gently sweet notes
of vanilla to finish with other sweet spices.

Palate: On the palate it is perfumed, soft and fresh with a long finish
that leaves memories of red fruit, vanilla and cocoa.

Food Paring: Perfect with pasta, poultry and fresh light cheeses, grilled chicken,
small bites (light cheese, grilled vegetables). Great with  fresh salads and small bites.

ALC: 13.5%