Distilleria Quaglia


A selection of new products, but based on a centuries-old tradition.             
The great-grandfather’s recipes combined with the desire to innovate, to look to the future.                
Unique liqueurs,
a fine blend of a few ingredients of the highest quality.




Elegance and fragrance of fresh buds.

Extremely fine and fragrant rosolio liqueur, made from rose buds in steam distillation. e heart of rose water from distillation blends with the essential oil produced during the same process, releasing all the typical sweetness and fragrance of the flower.

SIGHT : Pale rosé.
SMELL : Intense floral scents.
TASTE : Delicate and well balanced in its sweetness.

ALC 25%  |  VOL 70 cl



Bright and intense with persistent floral notes.

This delicate liqueur is obtained, according to an old family recipe, from the alcoholic infusion of dried flowers of Matricaria Chamomilla, herb known for its sedative and soothing properties.

SIGHT : Bright yellow.
SMELL : Firm, persistent, with light citrusy notes.
TASTE : Delicate and soft, with intense floral notes of chamomile and spices.
ALC 28%  |  VOL 70 cl


Resinous, fragrant, with rich balsamic shades.


Resin, pine cones and buds of Pinus mughus are infused and distilled in alcohol to create this aromatic liquer. The cold infusion is long, to allow the aromatic parts to completely release their resinous scents, joined by balsamic returns
SIGHT : Transparent and crystalline.
SMELL : Clear resinous spots and woody scents.
TASTE : Character and body, with long returns of resinous and spicy notes.
ALC 35%  |  VOL 70 cl



Elegant digestive, gifted with finesse.


Delicious and unique, it is made from the infusion in alcohol for over two months of fresh chinotto oranges, coming from the terraces above Savona, in the Riviera. e infusion matures for a long time to deliver a liqueur of great elegance. 

SIGHT : Amber and shiny.
SMELL : Vibrant scents of vanilla and rhubarb.
TASTE : Elegant and tasty, moderately bitter, light notes of dandelion flowers and orange blossom.

ALC 35%  |  VOL 70 cl